For many baseball and softball players, this means playing in some cold weather.  The bat's fibers change compression and become stiff and inflexible which will give it a greater chance of breaking. Using a bat warmer gives you an extra layer of protection against the bat breaking than if you swing it cold. There is also a very noticeable increase in the bat's performance when it is warm vs when it's cold.

With the Hot-Bat bat warmer, you can keep your baseball or softball bat warm in our insulated, battery powered bat bag.  

Our bat warmer was designed and developed by a former professional pitcher who knows the advantages of pitching to hitters in cold weather.

Baseball/softball bats are expensive. Who wants to deal with replacing a $300-$400 bat simply because of the weather? 

Protect your investment and give yourself the tools to perform at the best of your ability with our battery operated, heated bat bag.