Pitchers Heated Jacket

Hot-Bat Sports has developed the first and only Pitchers Heated Jacket on the market today.  Designed by a professional pitcher who understands the benefits of keeping his arm warm before warming up and between innings.  Every pitcher throws on a jacket between innings, why not one that will actually help your performance.  We maximized the heat with coils sewn into the lining of the jacket and not the usual cheap small heating pads that are usually used.  The specifically placed heating elements at the shoulder and elbow radiates heat throughout the sleeve, helps keep your arm loose before you warm up, and between innings.  Keeping your arm warm loosens tendons, ligaments, and keeps your arm from stiffening up between innings.  Always keep the Jacket on high while pitching so it's ready for you the moment you put it on.  This will help you keep from cooling down between innings, can help you pitch deeper into games, and reduce the risks of Injury. Any position players can benefit from this jacket also.  We believe every team should have at least a couple jackets available for players on the team to use.  The Jacket comes with Battery Included, we have extra batteries available also for multiple pitchers or games.  It has 3 settings low, medium, and high.  A fully charged battery will last over 3hrs on high, 4hrs on medium, and 5hrs on low.  Make sure to get yours soon as we have a limited supply available.