Bat warmer

  Hot-Bat Bat warmer (Battery operated) Is the first and only one on the market.


  • Developed by a professional player, to protect those $300 bats from breaking. IF YOU SHAVED OR ROLLED YOUR BATS THIS IS A MUST! Made in the USA of only the highest quality materials. This will last for years! Give yourself every opportunity to be successful.
  • Our bat warmer keeps your bat lively, and should be used all year long.  Hot Bat will keep your bat warm and allow you to swing with confidence on those cold days. Use in the summer to maximize your bats capability. Always swing a Hot-Bat!!
  • Fits up to any 34 inch baseball or softball bat
  • (Heater is replaceable bag will always work for you)
  • FREE SHIPPING (allow 10 business days for delivery)

Battery Specifications*

  • Powered by 10000 mAh powerbank battery
  • Rechargable (via USB port)

*Bag can only be powered by 8000 mah powerbank batteries and higher.