Arm Warmers

Why Use an Arm warmer?

Designed by a professional pitcher, to reduce the risks of injury. Use everyday for 20 minutes as a routine! Heat soothes and softens tissues, Increases nutrient rich blood flow, that helps in the repair of damaged fibers, relaxes muscles, ligaments, and with notable increases in flexibility.  You will feel how much easier it is to get loose.  Use 20 minutes before you ever pick up a ball (Warm up to throw-Not throw to warm up).  Use it immediately after your warm-up and stay loose and ready to go with your very first pitch.

Wear it between innings when sitting in the dugout to maximize blood flow, keep your arm warm and flexible.  Especially during those longer innings. With an arm warmer, you reduce muscle fatigue and lessen the chance of injury,  pitch deeper into the game. An advantage every pitcher should have!!

USE EVERY DAY at least once for 20-30 minutes to bring in the nutrient rich blood to repair fibers and be ready to pitch again.

Click on the Image below to choose what warmer works best for you, or get both. The Elbow Warmer can also be used for the knee, ankle, or calf...

Each Warmer comes with it's own rechargeable 8,000 mah power bank battery