Why use a Bat Warmer?

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Why use a Bat Warmer?

Why use a bat warmer?

Have you ever swung a bat in cold temps and had the bat sting your hands? This is a result of the bat's fibers becoming stiff due to the cold temperature.  Bat warmers can make them flexible again. Bat companies even tell you not to swing their bats in temps under 65 degrees or it will void the warranty. There is also a very noticeable increase in the bat's performance when it is warm vs cold.

 Tests comparing the same bat at 45 degrees and at 80 degrees shows there is a 200 PSI change in the compression reading. That means that your bat is much more flexible when warm which makes it less likely to break or sting your hands and will definitely make it perform better. A 200 PSI compression difference is 30-50 extra feet of distance.

 There are two reasons why bats break more often in cold weather. One is due to the fact that balls change compression in cold weather which makes them much denser and harder on your bat. The other reason is that the bat's fibers change compression and become stiff and inflexible which will give it a greater chance of breaking. Having a warm bat gives you a fighting chance of protection against the bat breaking and keeping it more lively than if you swing it cold.

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